When Adam woke this morning, he was realized he had lost the peripheral vision in his right eye. He called his doctor in Birmingham…who happened to be out of town. Another doctor in the practice said it would be a good idea if they checked him out. So, He and Suzanne made a quick stop here to drop off the dog, and got on their way.

I have just heard from them, and he has a detached retina. They are en route to a retinal specialist with the plans for surgery within the next few hours. That is all the info that I have.

Please join your prayers with mine as I ask God to work another miracle for Adam. I will update when I have more info. And, I thank you for your prayers.

EDITED TO ADD: There is a tear in both of Adam’s retinas. One is much more severe than the other. He will be having surgery tonight at 10:00…in Birmingham. This is an entirely new problem and has nothing to do with the implants he had put in a few weeks ago.

God is in control of all things…this included. Pray for wisdom and confidence in the doctor who is doing the surgery. We serve a mighty God!