Just got word that Pop is out of surgery and in recovery. He is doing well. The doctor says there is still some infection, but meds should take care of that. He’ll be in the hospital about a week. Thank-you so much for your prayers. We serve a mighty God!

My Dad is quite an extraordinary man. Small in stature…BIG in heart. He has always taken great delight in doing things that others said was too hard, and showing them that it really wasn’t all that difficult. Pop had an adventurous early life. One of 8 children, he left home at an early age, and joined the Navy, followed a buddy to N.C., and met and married Mom. Then bought into a motorcycle dealership here . And here we all still are. He has been in the motorcycle business all his life…so you can imagine all the fun my sister and I have had…and then our children. It’s in our blood. My husband and I own the powersport business now, Pop has retired…but in name only. He still goes to work every day.

When my sister and I were still at home, Pop made some wonderful trips …on his motorcycle. He would spend a few months in preparation…then strike out for South America or Central America. He would be gone for a month or 2. While gone, his base would be with a missionary. Pop is quite a handyman, so the missionary wives were so glad to see him. He would fix everything that was broken. He also made lasting relationships with their children. Some still contact him regularly. Mom was always supportive of these trips, and when sis and I got older, she would go with him. They have some wonderful friends all over the world. The older I get, the more I realize that Pop was just not “right!” He would take off on these adventures…and know NO Spanish. He relied on sign language and his good looks, I reckon! 🙂 Oh, the stories he has to tell, and if you stop long enough, he’ll tell you one.

Pop still rides his motorcycle. In the past few years, he’s broken several various and sundry body parts. But, he won’t complain . Just say,”if you’re gonna play, you’re gonna sometimes have to pay.” Sis and I have put our foot down to riding alone, he’s now only ALLOWED to go with a buddy. And, God has so graciously provided him with a riding partner…YOUNGER…
so he can still go. So, now Pop is chomping at the bit to get back to life and living it to the fullest.
So, heal quickly, Pop…you’ve got lots still to do.