Thank-you friends, for all the prayers and sweet words of encouragement you sent to me concerning Mom. It means everything to know others are holding you up.

Mom is home from the hospital, but not a whole lot better off. She is not in as severe pain as she was. But, it comes back every time she eats or drinks. Now here is what has me in a wad…The doc, gastroenterologist, that performed the EGD, the light down the throat to see the stomach, told me he found no ulcers, so there was nothing to biopsy. Another doc, her GP, told her the same thing. Then GP came back and said there WAS an ulcer and they biopsied it. When she was discharged, the nurse told my sister the same thing…ulcer was there and biopsied. They did change her meds around and put her on something new. So, what to believe?

I am getting on the phone today and getting a discharge report from the hospital and a report from Doc #1, who actually did the procedure. Maybe I can find out what is going on. I do not want someone messing around with my Mom and her not getting the proper care. She has another doc visit today with a urologist for totally separate issues. Bless her heart.

It really burns me up that there is so much incompetency in the medical field. And, I am a nurse myself. Why is there not more cohesive care? I tell you this, no one should be in a hospital anywhere without an advocate looking out for them. There needs to be someone who is responsible for keeping up with reports from each doctor involved…someone to keep it all straight. Her nursing care was excellent while there, but all this other is just not acceptable. And that is my rant for the day!

Thanks again for caring for my sweet mother and praying in her behalf.