Above are my children Adam and Suzanne. Adam by birth, and Suzanne by love. They have travelled to Birmingham today.

Tomorrow, Adam will have the second of 3 surgeries that will give him the vision he so desperately wants and needs. After Alex had such miraculous results, Adam went to see the same doctor. As it turns out, Adam’s eyesight is worse than Alex’s. The difference has been that the doctors could correct Adam’s vision to an acceptable level with the use of hard contacts and glasses. Alex’s eyes would not correct due to certain damage in the optic nerve that was caused by his disease. That is why he still has the double vision and the nystagmus…it is coming from the brain and not the eye. But, back to Adam…he will have the same lens implants that Alex had…but will still need to wear his contacts for 2 months afterwards. Then the doctor will perform a 3rd surgery…and Lord willing…his vision will require no glasses, contacts, or more surgery. Plans are for it to be near perfect!

To God Be The Glory! We are seeing miracles in all 3 of our children this summer! That is amazing and wonderful and fantastic and all due to our Loving Father!
“Every good and perfect gift comes from God.”

So, we ask for your prayers in the morning about 9:00. The process will take about 2 hours. God is good and He is able. Thanks be to Him for His Blessings!