When I have a few moments to get on the computer, it is because I want a quiet time to catch up with friends, read a few e-mails, learn something I did not know, and yeah…listen to some music.

I have all my fav music on my computer. And according to the mood I am in, I have just the right music to accompany my thoughts.

I know that you, too, have your favorite songs to listen to. And, many of you have them playing when I go to your blog. Now, that is your blog and I have no right to stick my nose into how you run it. But, just in case you haven’t thought about it, let me bring this to your attention. It is very annoying when those of us with our own music playing have to search for a place to turn off your music. And, if we can’t find it, then we have to cut off ours. I will now be so bold as to ask you this. If you want music coming from your site when it is opened…would you please consider putting the music thingy up top on your sidebar so it can be found easily…so we can turn it off…and listen to our music choices…they do not sound very nice trying to play over each other…I’m just saying…

Once again, I apologize for being so bold and getting all up in your ‘biz-ness.’..but, we are all friends here, aren’t we? You are so kind and gracious to listen to this humble blogger’s opinion. And, many other bloggers have shared the same thoughts. NOW, if this request is making you feel a little like “just who does she think she is…telling me how to run my blog…I can do whatever I like and it is none of her business. I will play music if I want to, and she can’t stop me…the nerve of some people!?!”…then, “Never mind.”