O.K. Here we go…DRIVING 101….When ever you have the need to pull into a median…always…always…ALWAYS pull to the RIGHT! Whenever you pull to the right, you have a clear view to the traffic you will be pulling into. HOWEVER….if you pull in on the LEFT side, and some one pulls into the median with you….they will be forced to pull in on the Right. THEN…neither one of you will have a view to the traffic. You will only be able to see the other car and possibly inch out into the traffic, which could cause an accident and all sorts of problems, like not having a car to drive for a while, possible bodily injury and even a delay to that fabulous shopping trip you were going on before you so carelessly pulled onto the wrong side of the median. And you know how mad that will make you! Just remember…if you have need to pull into a median…DO RIGHT ! Thank you very much!

P.S. And to that crazy lady who messed me up yesterday …in the median…both of us trapped by her actions…I apoligize for the exasperated look that I gave you….but it’s a good thing for you that I was going to the tanning salon and not the mall!