Wonder of wonders!!! I FINALLY have some dining chairs!!! Well, I do not actually have them, yet. BUT, they are on order and should be here soon. Don picked these out, and while they are not exactly what I wanted…they are fairly close. Oh, and it will be so good to finally have some chairs at the table!

I want to say for the record: if you have music on your blog that BLARES out when you connect to it…you can be held responsible for giving ‘ladies of a certain age’ a mild heart attack or at the very least a lack of bladder control!!!!!

I may or may not have personal experience with the following:

Are you familiar with Tom’s shoes? To see the company philosophy please click here and read about what is being done to help those in need. They vow to give a pair of shoes to a needy child for each pair of shoes you purchase.
I had heard about these, but had never seen any in our town. However, I found some in another city over the summer, and bought a pair to see if they were as comfortable as they were touted to be. And, I am here to report…YES, YES THEY ARE!
And, the neat thing is that they are very simple and plain…yet they have a funky sort of vibe to them as well.
Now, I have heard that some women tend to get swelling of the feet and ankles when their glorious selves reach a certain age…I’ve only heard of this, you understand!!! So, let’s pretend that awful fat ankle look has happened to me…and if it had happened…these shoes would have still been comfortable, and I would have still been able to walk…IF it had actually happened to me.

There are so many styles and colors…some quite unique. You can also get solid white or cream and paint them yourselves! Try them if you get a chance. I can tell you where to find them in Birmingham if you’d like to know. AND, I just received a discount code, so if you would like to order a pair, let me know and I will share it with you gladly!

And, my sweet niece, Tara, is on complete bedrest. She is expecting in November and is having a lot of blood pressure trouble. She’s at 33 weeks and at 36 weeks, they will take him if the lungs are ready. Please keep them in your prayers. This is the first child for she and Will…and the first grandchild for Joy and Tommy…and the first great grandchild for Pop…and the first grand nephew for me!