Thought I would share a little of my Easter decor with you. Here is that cute Lila Bunny who followed me home from Moutrie, and you can see the garland that we had to work hard to get! But, it was worth it! I love it all put together. This is on the foyer table coming in my front door.

The weather here was yucky today. It was pretty bad this morning with tornados and severe thunderstorms all around us. The weather folks say it will be the same for the next few days. Not my first choice of weather for the end of my Spring Break! However, since there are a few projects I want to complete inside…maybe it is a good thing after all…as long as there is NO lightning! That would totally distract me.

I also found out a childhood friend of mine was buried today. I do not have any of the details. I spent many nights at her home…we grew up together…and played together…and went to school together. I wish I had known earlier so I could be at her funeral.