….IS NEVER LONG. Well, to this friends house over in GA. it’s about 2 hours. BUT, the fun at the end of that road makes it well worth the trip! Today, I’m leaving after work to go visit one of my BFF. She’s the one who moved away after her marriage. My other BFF and I are going over for the night and we’ll go to a craft show tomorrow. Probably get in some “junkin”, too. It’s always amazing how much we can cram into the little time we have all together. It will also be great to be with the BFF’s daughters. One is driving us over and the other 2 are there. I love these girls like they were my own. And now there is a precious 3rd generation daughter and another on the way. How God blesses!
Then I’m off on Sunday to Atlanta with Son#1 and DIL. We’re going to get in a little shopping. Well, DIL and I are…Son better just try to keep up! 🙂
So, it’s a nice start to my Spring Break week. I think my Sis and I and my Mom may go to Montgomery for the day and do a little shopping, too. Good thing I got paid on Thursday.
I’ll check back in when I return….God Bless!