As we have covered in previous posts, and as those of you who know me will attest, I AM NOT A PATIENT PERSON. When I have a great idea, which, for the record, is quite often,(in my humble opinion), I want to run with it….RIGHT THEN. Why wait? Good idea? Just go ahead and do it? No reason to think or talk or plan it to death…just GO! Now, in all honestly, I have no problem living my life this way….but, in reality…it has the possibility of getting a body in deep do-do. I am perfectly happy, then, to find my way out of the stink, and take a new path. And another, if need be. However, by then I can be in so deep, it is kinda hard to see which way to go. That is the point at which I will call for reinforcements…because what are reinforcements for, anyway, except to reinforce my original great idea!

God, indeed, has a sense of humor. Otherwise, why would He have brought my DH and I together…to live as one, til death do us part? There is no part of my spirit that is in anyway remotely like DH. Where I am loud…he us quiet. Where I am a doer…he is a thinker. Where I am patience challenged…he is a brother to Job. Where I am plunge ahead and get it done…he is think about it, make a plan, write it down, research all the facts, study them…let them marinate in your mind for a while…weeks, month…years. Then when he finds peace about the situation and revels in that for a season…then and only then go ahead and do it!

Now, I have to say this, because I do not want to leave the wrong impression. He rarely makes a mistake. How could he? Every scenario under God’s great sky has been considered. And I mean EVERY. POSSIBLE. SCENARIO. If you ever have an hour or ten to kill, ask him a question about a subject he has been thinking on. He can look at a situation more ways than you could ever imagine. And, his delight is in sharing this wisdom with you. And, he is mostly right, but a body has to listen for such..a..looooooong..time. Raising 3 boys, and all the fun and frivolity that entails, would frequently call for a time of discipline with Dad when he got home. Don firmly believed, as did I, that it was always important that the boys knew exactly WHY the correction was necessary before said correction actually took place. Now, friends, this was something I could cover in four sentences. 1.’Do you know what you did wrong?’…2.’What should you have done?’…3.’What will you do next time?’…4.’Bend over’. Commence with correction. Be done with it, and let’s all get happy again. Total time spent on the unpleasantness…5 minutes…depending on how many boys were involved. With DH in charge, the whole recollection/teaching/discussion/correction process could take an hour or longer. The boys used to say, “Daddy, please just go ahead and spank me…I deserve it…let’s just don’t talk about it.” This wouldn’t work, however, because Don had already been thinking of the ‘words of wisdom’ that the situation called for, and he felt led to share them all…one by one…for as long as it took for he and the ‘boy of the moment’ to see eye to eye. And, again, in the light of full disclosure…when Don finished up this sometimes nightly ritual, he and his little men were in one accord and peace reigned in the kingdom.
Come back for Part 2…tomorrow. This really is leading somewhere…..