I had all my friends from school over for a pool party on Friday. It was rainy and cool…so mostly we just gazed at the pool…but, fun was had anyway. Here is the food…before we dug in. Thanks to my sister, Joy, it all came together like I planned.

TJ, Sherrie, Tonja, and Jeanna

Rhonda, Angel, Bonnie, Paula

Mary Alice, Tina Stephanie, Dawn, Brenda, Donell

Allison, Daronda, April, Katherine, Donell


Dawn, Lynne, Debbie, April

Special gift for Stephanie,in pink, who’s moving on up to teach 1st grade.

“Oh, this water is cooooold!”

“Let’s smile anyway, and get a picture, so we can still call it a pool party!”
Bonnie, Tonja, Katherine, Paula, Rhonda, Andi, Angel

“Now, KICK! Let’s wet those wimps who wouldn’t get in!”

Bonnie, Paula, Andi, Tonja, Katherine

“Hey…where did everybody go?”

Even though it was dreary outside, it was a sunny and warm inside. Friendship has a way of doing that, doesn’t it? It brightens up dreary days, and drowns out the ‘thunder’ of life, and brings sunshine to the soul! These girls have brought ‘sunshine’ to my life and I hold them all in my heart. Let’s do this again…SOON!