Will you just look at these boys…excited and ready to set off on an adventure. Adam has a photographers meeting in New Orleans for the next few days, and Friday, he asked Alex if he would like to go with him. It is always hard to plan for things like that with Alex because he never knows if he will be up to it until the last minute. Complicating things was the fact that Alex had a Dr. appt tomorrow. These appts. are made 3 months in advance, are are very hard to reschedule. Also they are timed to the refilling of his meds, which he can only do on a monthly basis.
He began calling this morning at 8, and finally got to talk to someone about 30 minutes ago. They were able to reschedule, so Adam came and picked up Alex…and they are on their way!

We packed his wheelchair for him. Since he has such a hard time with his balance, walking really tires him out quickly…even with his cane, he still has to have an arm to hold on to. But, if someone pushes him in a wheelchair, he can hold out much longer, and have more fun when he gets to where he’s going. And, let’s face it…when you get to where you are going…you don’t want to be too tired to party!
I am asking God for His mercy to shower Alex while he is gone. I am asking Him to keep his pain at bay, and grant him a few good days to spend with his brother. I am asking God to grant Adam clear vision as he drives, and a strong healthy body as he goes about his conferences. I am asking for a wonderful time for them both…a time of fun, a time of bonding, and a time of relaxation.
This is a gift from God, my friends. Alex so rarely gets to go off and enjoy himself like this. We pray for it often, and we are so thankful when God answers our prayers. Alex is mostly homebound…and what 28 year old would enjoy that for very long?

Here in Dothan, we have The National Peanut Festival every fall. It includes contests, and a fair, and parade and concerts, and all that goes along with a celebration. Ian has always enjoyed going and every year comes home for it. He came home last weekend, and he and Alex were able to go on Saturday night and take in a concert. They decided to rent a wheelchair when they got there and had a blast on the midway. Brothers..enjoying each other’s company. What a blessing.

And, now a chance to spend time with Adam! God is good! We thank Him and we praise Him! This is a wonderful day!