As I reflect on this first year of blogging, much comes to mind.

I learned I must be ACTIVE in blogging and AUTHENTIC, as well. You know, “Keep it real!”

I have met many BRAVE people, Some in what they are going through and others by the way they live their lives. Of course, the BEST B’s of all: the BEAUTIFUL BOISTERIOUS BABBLING BLOGGING BABES…..the “B” Club!! And reading so many of your life stories, I feel very BLESSED!

There are so many CARING people in the B community, I find myself very CURIOUS as to just what makes you all tick. You are a CONFIDENT group and I am thankful to say that most everyone I COMMUNICATE with regularly is a CHRISTIAN. And, I love it when you leave COMMENTS!

We are a DISTINCT group. You are very DEPENDABLE in keeping us up to DATE with your lives. We worry when you don’t.

And what EXCEPTIONAL people you are. Despite distractions of many kinds, we are an ENERGETIC bunch, and ENTHUSIASTICALLY share our lives with one another.

Oh, I have met some FASCINATING women, some FIESTY, some FANCY and FRILLY…some FUNNY…but all FRIENDLY!

Because of the lives some of us lead, I have been privileged to meet some very GUTSY women. Living true to themselves, in spite of circumstances. GOOD women and GENTLE women…with much to share. Find out more when you read GATHERINGS!

We are a HARDWORKING bunch. Some of you hold full time jobs, run a house, have a family…and still keep up a blog! Kudos to you! We are all in differing stages of life…and dealing with its needs. Almost everyone I have met has pledged total HONESTY in their blog,,,and it shows. It makes me proud, how HELPFUL we can be to each other…always willing to pass along our knowledge to a new blogger…or a not so new one, who is just dumb! (I’m speaking of myself here…HONEST!

How very IMAGINATIVE we are! Just to look at all the names we have given our blogs is such fun! And, the way everyday happenings in our lives can become so INTERESTING…is a sure sign of our INTELLIGENCE…INDEED!

Despite tribulations we all face, we are still JOYFUL! And JOY comes from the Lord.
Some of us can get so JOY filled…we can get downright JAZZY!…but, never JEALOUS or JUDGEMENTAL.

I don’t think I have ever read a comment from anyone that was not KIND. I’ve heard of people being rude and uncaring, but have never seen it personally. I think those of you that I have met are KINDRED spirits. And for those of you with children still at home, I get a real KICK out of some of the KIDDY stories.

Yes, we are a LIVELY bunch, aren’t we? LIVING LIFE to the fullest. Tackling head-on those problems that come our way. LOOKING forward to better days.

Speaking for MYSELF, I have been overwhelmed at the friendships I have made. Some very MEMORABLE people, I now call friend. And when I have trouble getting MOTIVATED, I just read your blogs, and I am ready to go again. MANY thanks!

Personally, I think bloggers are the NICEST people of all, don’t you? And, there are always NEW bloggers to check out, too. You just never know who you’ll hear from NEXT!

I am learning to be more OPEN-MINDED. There is more than one way to look at most situations. I learn daily from your OPTIMISM. Many of you are so clever and ORIGINAL! How do you come up with such?

You have been a POSITIVE influence in my life. And I am PROUD to call you my friends. Why, you are all just tooooo PRECIOUS!

Now I am going to admit this right up front…cause I know it’s true! I am a little QUIRKY! But, that has not seemed to make even a QUARTERS worth of difference to you. Thanks!

It amazes me just how RESOURCEFUL you all can be. I am in awe of some of the ways you tackle your problems. I am always learning something new. It is easy to see that you feel a RESPONSIBILITY to your READERS.

It is not SURPRISING to me how very SPIRITUAL most of you are. You seek God’s guidance and SUPPORT. You always have a SYMPATHETIC ear…ready to listen.

I am learning to be more THOUGHTFUL in the things I write. I realize that once it is out there…there’s no bringing it back. I want to be a TRUSTWORTHY blogger, as I share my TALENTS with you.

We are all UNIQUE! Well, God made us that way, didn’t He? You show an amazing capacity to UNDERSTAND others. And, in spite of hardships, you still manage to be UPBEAT. You are UNSELFISH in your concern of others.

You tackle your blogging with such VIGOR! You have become VERY VALUABLE to my life.

I find you WARM, and WISE, and WONDERFUL….and sometime WACKY! I WISH you only good things.

You go the eXtra mile, and are eXtra special to me. I do not need an X-RAY to see your hearts.

YOU have been good to me this year and I thank you. YES, I think YOU are all terrific. You help keep me YOUNG.

I think it’s time to pull the ZIPPER on this post, don’t you? Hope it wasn’t too ZANY for you!

Now, as an added bonus, for those of you who like games…the alphabet graphic at the top of the page comes from 26 famous American brand names. Can you guess them all?

See how many you can tell just by looking. I will have a prize for the first person to get them all correct, and then I will draw for a prize from all the others with correct answers. Good Luck!

Yes, I know I should show a picture here of the prizes, AND…as soon as I find my camera, I will. But, trust me…they are good ones.

EDITED TO ADD: E-mail me the answers … that way no one can copy off of your paper!