How would you like to live in this stone cottage in the English countryside? I can just imagine what it would be like, can you? Would you like to see inside? Your wish is my command…Enjoy!

How about a bath in this tub?

I think my dreams would be sweet next to this fireplace…in this bedroom.

This is a place I would love to relax and kick back…would you join me?

A fireplace in the kitchen? How delightful!

I think this is my fav…just me and my books!

As beautiful as this place is…it is not even real! The outside of the house is just a facade built for the movie “The Holiday”. I was so shocked! And disappointed.
I would like to think that this place really exists. It is so perfect and exactly like a typical English cottage. Notice the beautiful low stone fence and little gate to enter . Just charming! Another secret…the rooms are not real either…just movie sets. Movie sets!!! Have you ever wanted to live in the movies? I think for sure I could live in this one. “The Holiday” features this house and another one in LA that is very modern. It stars Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslett. The 2 women exchange houses over the Christmas holiday. Check it out on DVD to see both houses better.