Aren’t these the most amazing things? How careful would you have to be not to break it and have to start over? I think I would have a big box of broken crayons!
These are done by artist Pete Goldlust…and yes, they are just regular crayons.
What to do with that big box of broken crayons? This is an old kindergarten trick.
Using an old muffin tin, spray with vegetable spray. Then in each indention, fill with broken crayons. You can do all the same color…or mix colors. My favorite way is to mix differing shades of the same color. You can even add glitter to some. Then place in oven at 275 degrees and let them completely melt…7-8 minutes. Watch them carefully! If you mixed colors, you may want to stir with a toothpick for a nice swirled effect…or just leave in color blobs. Remove and they will harden up into a wonderful crayon chunk! Now start coloring your heart out! NOTE!!!! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO STAY INSIDE THE LINES !!!

Variation: Use metal cookie cutters which have been placed flat on a foil lined cookie sheet. Fill with crayons, and proceed with directions above.