This is Ian and his roommate for the past 6 years, Houston. He is from Dothan also, but the boys did not really know each other during high school When Ian heard Houston was going to Samford, he called him and asked him to meet him for lunch. They then made plans to room together. At Samford, you have to live on campus unless you are married or your family lives in Birmingham. Somehow, Ian managed to get them assigned to the same room, and their great friendship began. They pledged the same fraternity, Sigma Nu, and managed to stay roommates for all but 1 semester. They moved out after graduation, and into an apt. They then started another 2 years of grad school.

It has been a blessing that these 2 boys have hit it off so well. Houston is quiet…Ian is not. But, they tend to balance each other out. They have the same kind of families and were both brought up going to church and learning important family values and morals. They have looked after each other thru sicknesses these 6 years, and have studied together, played together, partied together, and cleaned house together….but not too much of that last one.

And, so, it has been a BEAUTIFUL THING to watch their friendship grow into a strong and lasting relationship. His Mom and I were talking yesterday and we said that we both felt they would be friends for life. We both agreed that we had been blessed tremendously that they had had each other for 6 years…God worked it out and gave them both a Christian friend to lean on. They are going their separate ways this week. Ian is moving back to Dothan to begin learning more of our family business, which will one day be his. Houston is going to work with a firm in Birmingham. But, they are managing to have 1 last fling. Next week, they are taking a road trip up thru NC, Washington, DC., Boston, New York and Maine…or as long as their money holds out! But, then…they both have to face the real world! And the contribution they make will be significant! May God bless them both as they begin their careers. May they always put Him first.

And, they are both so handsome…that’s a BEAUTIFUL THING, too!