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Thought I’d share my kitchen keeper cabinet with you since I decorated it for fall. I think Fall decor is my favorite…the colors, the smells, the shapes and textures…I love it. I have gotten so much pleasure from changing out this little space for the seasons.

Note the golden mercury glass pumpkin. Birthday gift from Joy.

The little sign says, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” Psalm 34:8 I don’t know if you can tell or not, but the garland surrounding all the decor has little candy corn on it. Quite appropriate for the kitchen, I thought.

A partially set table. I found that I only had 4 of these rattan chargers. I don’t remember where I got them, but I need 8 more! Anyone know where they sell them? Well, the rest of the table waits on my ‘hunting and gathering skills’. I’ll let you know.

Last, after I cut back all my coleus, I saw them laying there in the wagon. They were so beautiful! I had to bring some in and put them in water. Here is a shot of their glorious color. I bet I could root these, too. Hmmmm…


Not related at all…but hasn’t it been amazing to watch the rescues of the miners in Chile? I can not imagine even going underground to work…so to think about being trapped there for so long is very frightening to me! As I have watched the men step out of the capsule, many have made the sign of the cross…giving thanks to God. Truly He has been with them throughout this crisis.


There are 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays in October.

This happens only once every 823 years !

Who figures out these things ?

Useless trivia, for sure !

But, I bet you go and check your own calendar !

And, here is Sweet Finn. Only…he’s not always sweet!!! His teeth are sharp, and I think he’s hyperactive! Maybe, it’s just been too long since I had a puppy around. He is already so protective of Alex…..he’d better see who it is if someone goes into his boy’s room!

Eve says to Adam…….

Now this is amazing to me…Someone has taken a fallen leaf and has scraped out this image into it. It has not been glued or taped. Pretty neat, huh? My hands would never cut something this precise!

This is one of my favorite fall images. It’s on an enclosed porch. I love the grouping of items and the colors. The leaves set the tone for the whole picture. Love it! (From Better Homes and Gardens 2008) I, however, would not put the spooky white pumpkin. But, maybe a decorated one .

Here is another favorite. I just love how the pumpkins are the exact shade of the old yelloware pottery. Isn’t it pretty? (BHG)

Have a beautiful, fall weekend ! God made it for us all to enjoy!


And, it’s Saturday! We made it up earlier today, because we had planned 2 days worth of activity into this one! Had breakfast at the motel, and set the GPS toward the community of Crabapple. This is where our favorite primitives store is located…as well as the arts festival we plan to attend.

Since I got this new phone, I have been able to put all sorts of things on it. Now all of you are probably way more knowledgeable about these things than I…but, I’m getting there. Anyway, one of the apps is a daily Bible verse, as well as devotional. I checked the one for today to share with the girls, and this is it: “For wherever two or three are gathered in My name, there am I among them.” Matthew 18:20 We felt that was just a little ‘wink’ from God. One of the things that makes our friendship so special is the bond we have in Christ. We love the Lord and love doing things in His name. His love forms a bond between us that nothing else can. We always spend part of our time together discussing things we have studied or read. And, often one or the other of us can add to or help clarify something for the other. Each morning we thanked God for his rest, and our friendship, and for the beautiful world He created for us to delight in.

We found the little crossroads where the festival was being held. Right there was the store that we all love to peruse. These are the only 2 girls I know who can appreciate this type of decor. Very simple, very primitive, no frills. ( This is not the old time country of lace and geese and mauve and country blue. ) The lady who owns it is well known for her knowledge of this kind of decor, as well. We knew this would be a fine show if her name was associated with it.

Here are a few shots in and around her store.

We made our way on through the show. Many antiques, quilts, collectibles, and such.

We finished seeing all we could see, and then headed to Roswell. We had passed a funky looking store as we went by this morning and we wanted to return to check it out. We spent some time there and it was a full of treasures. The owner pointed out a little outdoor bakery and cafe and we went over to have a bite to eat. Tina left to go and get the car, so I would not have to walk so far, and as she was gone…I remembered that I had bought a gift at the show and had failed to pick it up before we left. Sooooooo, we went back to Crabapple, and Shirl went and retrieved my purchase. Back again to Roswell, and some shopping in the restored old town. There, groups and individuals had made all types of scarecrows and each lamppost was holding a different one. This was my favorite.

The scarecrow is on the LEFT…in case you weren’t sure! All along the sidewalks were several cafes with outdoor seating. And, that is where we wanted to eat…outside…enjoying the air, and the people, and the animals! There were so many dogs! And, so we put our name down and sat down to wait.

Along with the scarecrows on the lampposts, there were whiskey barrels all along the street, as well. They had been planted with a variety of plants and greenery…and for the season, each had 3 white pumpkins added to the center. So festive.

Finally, after about an hour of waiting, we were seated at a table outside. We enjoyed our meal immensely, and hated to have to get up and leave.

Back to our motel, and the wreath makers set about their work. My feet were as big as boats after being on them all day, so, I headed off to bed. They finished their work, then came in the bedroom and proceeded to watch The Blind Side…and discuss it…right where I was sleeping!!! It’s not like there wasn’t another TV in the sitting room!!! 🙂 Here is a one of the Christmas wreaths…beautiful! This pic does not do it justice.

We had brought all our packages from the car, and repacked them to try to save some room. So, Shirl and Tina began the task of loading the car.

They made this trip 3 times to get it all loaded! Then they woke me up, I gathered my little bag, and we all headed to the car.

They had packed the car, all right! This is a picture from the front seat looking to the back. Yikes!

You’re right. You can’t even see out the back window! As long as I did not breathe too hard, I was fine. Good thing I didn’t want to cross my legs!!! I kid! One more stop on the way home at Target…and we pulled into Dothan in time for Tina to get to her church picnic. And, Shirl left today to go home to Moultrie.

And, that’s the end of Fall Fling 2010. A time of renewal for us all. A time to be together with friends who know all about me and love me anyway. A time to share things of the heart with each other, that only we would understand. A time to be ourselves, as we can only with each other. We shared as much as we could, solved as many world problems as we could, and laughed as much as we could. And, as you well know: “A cheerful heart is a good medicine…” Proverbs 17:22. We are well.


We went…we saw…we shopped…we laughed…we cried…we had a ball!

Oh, but it was such a wonderful weekend. The weather was perfect! Really…just perfect. Just a little cool, not hot, breeze blowing…perfect. We 3 always have such fun together and this time was no exception.

We pulled out around 4 and headed up toward Atlanta. No major stops along the way. We were too anxious to be there. Found our motel…….but they were NOT expecting us! Can you imagine? I made reservations…and got a confirmation (so I thought). But, obviously I didn’t…because they had never heard of our merry band of travelers. But, the Lord knew all about it, and had made sure there was a room available for us just like we had ordered! And, so we unpacked the car, and made it inside, and crashed.

Friday morn- slept a little late, but got to moving quickly when we woke. Atlanta is a big place and we had major places to be! Grabbed some cheese crackers and granola and drinks and headed to the car. First stop, Michaels, where much silliness ensued. Now, we do have a Michaels that we can shop at home, BUT, Shirl had a bazaar at her church coming up and she had to make something to sell. She thought wreaths would do just fine, so she set about buying supplies to make 4 wreaths. Not that we had room in the car for 4 big wreaths…but that has never stopped us before!

As you can see…good looking men were following us everywhere! We finished there, and made our way on to Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, Jo Ann. Now to cover these 4 stores…row by row…front to back, takes some time. So, it was beginning to get a little late. Our dear Shirl had chosen Thursday morning before she came to Dothan as the best time to have major dental work done. Her mouth was full of ulcers and she had bitten her tongue, and she was in pain. So, we found a drug store, and got her some meds. She and Tina and I were starving because we had only had cheese crackers and a little pkg of granola ALL DAY! But, dear Shirl said she had to have something soft. Tina and I watched the Cheesecake Factory disappear from view, as we looked for a place to find something ‘soft’. And, we ended up at IHOP! Blueberry pancakes for supper! Not a bad second choice. Tina managed to get some meds onto the ulcers in Shirl’s mouth.

Then she got to feeling so good, that she even ordered a desert crepe after her meal! Back to the motel, where she and Tina got set to make wreaths! They worked hard and long…pausing occasionally for me to put my 2 cents worth in from the couch!

Bet you’d like to hang this one on your door! They did a great job, with only a little coaching from me. Of course, I taught them all they know about making wreaths! 🙂 JK!

I’d better stop here and finish up tomorrow. Here are a few more pics from Friday………note who’s sitting in my buggy!!!!!

No. No, that sign is not about me.

Beautifully wrapped gifts we brought from home to share with each other! I’ll finish up the story tomorrow!

“God has given us these times of joy!” Nehemiah 12:43


Autumnal…I like that word. Are there words that you like to hear? Or to say? Well, autumnal is one of my favorites.

It is like a warm blanket woven with beautiful wool in colors of red, brown, olive, and most importantly orange. And, the air around it is clear and cool…with just a hint of smoke from a leaf pile somewhere nearby. And the ground it sits on is brown and dry, except where the leaves have fallen. Most still have their fall colors on, and have not changed into their brown bedclothes as yet. The pumpkins in the wheelbarrow are a rainbow of the colors….just like the leaves. There are red ones, and orange and green, and brown, and even white. Such beauty……autumnal beauty.

Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it,
and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.
George Eliot

That is a new quote…well, to me anyway. And, I liked the image it portrayed. A bird, so enthralled by the beauty of autumn, that it flew to new places so as to experience it again and again and again. (Sort of like me with a bag of Dark Chocolate Dove in the little chunky squares. It is so lovely an experience…OK…so I’m stretching it a bit…but you get it, don’t you?)

Now I have not read or thought of this little poem (below) for years. I can actually remember back in the 3rd grade, my teacher, Mrs. Whiddon, at Grandview Elementary School, would read to us every day after lunch. We would lay our heads on our desks and listen as she took us on grand journeys ,one place or another. Her voice was made for sharing delightful literature with children. She was quite old, as I remember, with white hair. Very tall, and lots of marvelous jewelry. I remember her talking about this party that October had. It was my first experience with the idea that words could paint pictures such as this. It was the first time I knew that inanimate objects could be given human characteristics and have such fun!

I happened upon it again today, while looking for quotes. And, I can promise you that I will not lose it again! Want to join Finn and I at the party?

October gave a party;
The leaves by hundreds came –
The Chestnuts, Oaks, and Maples,
And leaves of every name.
The Sunshine spread a carpet,
And everything was grand,
Miss Weather led the dancing,
Professor Wind the band.

George Cooper

No Spring nor Summer Beauty hath such grace
As I have seen in one Autumnal face.

John Donne

A fall basket I have put together that blends the colors of autumn.

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