I know that around the country, there is way too much snow. I know that there are those who are not able to leave their homes. I know that driving is very dangerous in weather like this. AND, to our great surprise, the weather man on our local station said we had a great chance of getting snow Wednesday night and Thursday.

In this area of the country…the very deep South, it hardly ever snows. We live just 90 miles from the coast of Florida. The temperature has actually been in the teens early in the morning. I have lived here all my life and I can recall it snowing and sticking twice. We manage to have some flurries all along, but it comes and goes quickly. The best chance we have had in many years comes this week. So, we’ll see. The children are all praying it comes…it would most certainly mean a day off from school! Because, the whole city will shut down. Schools will close, churches will cancel services, other services will be delayed. We are just not equipped to drive in sleet, snow, or ice… and that is the biggest danger. As happy as the children will be to play in it, they won’t be as happy when they have to miss a day of their spring break to make up the day! ‘Cause around these parts…it very likely could be warm enough to swim by then!

Following are some pictures I have collected over the years that show some beautiful snow scenes. Obviously…I did not make these! And, they are not taken around here, either! Beautiful, nonetheless!