So…ya wanna know how to make slime? Well, here’s the scoop!

6 ounce bottle of Elmer’s Glitter Glue…

1 1/2 tbsp. of contact lens solution…

1/2 tbsp baking soda.

Mix the glue and baking soda together well…then add the contact solution and mix in.

Stir till it forms a ball, then remove from bowl.

(At this point, DO NOT put it on a towel…you will have to throw it away…just saying)

If it looks like the yuckiest mess you have ever seen in your life… and you feel like you have 100 sticky spider webs between your fingers…and you are wondering why in the world you ever did such a thing…RELAX.   Get the contact solution and squirt a lot into the sticky mess in your hands.  Ask your grandson who is jumping around like a Mexican Jumping Bean trying to get to the slime to grab the contact solution bottle out of your hand.  It will be stuck securely to your palm.  When you again have the use of both hands, begin to knead the whole confounded glittery mess …mixing in all the solution that is running down your arms and pooling on the table.

And WHOOSH!...just like that…the stuff starts to stick together and gel and actually becomes fun to play with. It will not be sticky…It will not stick to the table or to hands. You can stretch it or almost break it apart. It feels great.

I’m sure there is some scientific thing that is happening…but I’m not sure I can find a science lesson in there to share. But, we sure did laugh a lot…lost a couple of dish towels…not too sure about the bowl and spoon yet.

Yep…try it! See what kind of patience YOU have. I must have some…cause, Levi said, “Lulu, you just make the funnest stuff ever!” (Another Levi/Lulu project)

slime 1