My friend, Angela, at Love Being A Nonny made a list of simple pleasures…thought I’d join her, and make my own list of ‘happy things’…

1. Diet Dr. Pepper…

2. Clean, crisp, soft, good-smelling sheets!

3. Sunshine…lots of sunshine…shining on ME!

4. Warm syrup on pancakes.

5. A note out of the blue from one of my boys!

6. New magazines in the mailbox.

7. Girl Scout Cookies…Tag-a-Longs to be exact!

8. Getting to order a pizza the way I want it…no pepperoni…no sausage…no peppers.

9. Heated seats in the car…Ahhhhhh!

10. Loving on JT, my grand nephew!

And, these are some pictures that also make me smile…



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