I usually work 3 days a week, except in November and December and April and May when I work 5. This week I was only going to work today because the school is closed so all the teachers can work on their new spring wardrobes without feeling rushed. (Not really….teacher conferences, I think.) I went in this morning and stayed only about 30 minutes. I have a bad sore throat ( I don’t guess there is a good sore throat, is there?). Any way, my sweet boss Bonnie said, “Go home.” But, I feel a responsibility to be there, especially when I know it is a big day..(Valentines Parties). However, the more I talked, the worse I sounded, and the longer I was up, the worse I felt. The teachers just insisted that I come back home. So, I left them with a video to play for the kids to sing along to, and I left before they changed their minds. Stopped and picked up Alex’s meds, and made a run to Dobb’s for some Camp Stew. Got home, put in a load of clothes, put the stew in the crockpot on low, and now I am in my flannel pajamas…not the penguin ones…these have snowflakes in lovely shades of pink and green and aqua…and I am tucked into bed. Here I plan to stay unless the dog needs to visit the backyard or Alex needs me. Oh, yeah. I have to do those clothes and 1 more load cause Don is going out of town on Friday. But, in between all of that…I am going to rest and feel better.
I am so blessed to work with the sweetest women in town. They are the best!