Yes, our trip was a success…in several ways. Most of all, we had a ball. Just having the chance to spend some alone time together was wonderful! And, of course, we were able to find some cute “stuff”. We left home and our first stop was Sikes and Kohn’s, a large clothing and shoe barn…full of a great assortment of styles. Mom and Joy bought a pair of Yellow Box flip-flops each, and I bought Suzanne, my DIL, 2 pairs of the same. Then, on to Birmingham. Mom was on a shoe buying mission, so our first stop was Unique Feet, a specialty shoe store with hard to find sizes. Oh, did they have the shoes! I think she bought 5 or 6 pairs. Mom likes those Fancy Nancy shoes…very stylish and dressy. Ian, son #3, met us there. We thought we would just hit the food court at the Galleria, but he had other plans for his 3 favorite ladies. “I’m taking you some place special”, he said. So, off we went. And ended up at Cobb Lane, a quaint little restaurant on a back street. They had outside dining, and we chose to eat there. Delicious chicken salad and fruit plate. What a treat. It was a nice respite after a morning of such hard, hard shopping. Ian had to head out, so we bade him good-bye, and turned our thoughts back to sharing our dollars with B’ham. Our next shop was perhaps my favorite shop in the big city…a little place in Mountain Brook called White Flowers Gallery. Oh, if you live in or near B’ham, you MUST shop with them. Everything in the store is white. Gifts,, trinkets, decor for home or self, baby items,perfumes, lotions, candles…something to please all. If you are looking for a gift for a friend…this is the place to go. Now…they also sell clothes. all white with black designs and some gray. The shop owner, Dianne, is a most delightful lady and a pleasure to shop with. They do the most beautiful gift wrapping on anything you buy. Oh, and the clothes are a sporty, casual look…cottons and linens. She always has an abundance of fresh flowers (white) and the walls are covered in glorious angel murals, and heavenly music is above it all. A delight for all the senses. We spent at least an hour there. Afterwards, we traveled over to the Summit area and checked into our hotel. Got some supper, caught up on a lot of girl talk, and went to bed early. Next morning, after breakfast in the motel, we left the motel, and realized the stores didn’t open till 10:00…luckily, we found World Market opens at 9:00, so we managed to find some necessities there, and werr ready when Talbott’s opened up at 10:00. We comandeered a corner of their dressing rooms, and comenced to trying on practically every cute thing in the store. We all 3 left with an arm load of summer frocks. Then, on to Coldwater Creek, J.Jill. Anthropologie, Parisian, and Smith and Hawken. Not only were we out of money…our feet hurt, too. So, that’s a clue it’s time to head on that 4 hour trip home. Made a quick stop in Montgomery to pick up something at their Talvott’s…and on to home. We managed to make it home before dark, which was a good thing, since we all had church the next morning. We all attend the same church we have since we were girls, Joy is the pianist. We have a new pastor who started Sunday morning, so it was an exciting day. Let me just say this, though. I. Did. NOT. Buy. Any. Shoes!!!!. There just wasn’t enough time to really search…but I am so glad Mom was able to find hers. And, I’ll possibly, maybe, probably do some shopping in Hawaii in a couple of weeks. All in all, a wonderful week-end, with my wonderful Mom and sister. I am blessed beyond measure with them both. Below, I’ve posted some pics for you. You’ll see us as we left, then at Cobb Lane, with Ian, at the Summit, and 2 of my new sweaters…cute, huh?