Yesterday was the next to last practice for our spring musical/graduation that will take place tonight. However…most of the participants were NOT in the mood for a practice. And, they certainly were NOT in the mood to stand on the risers and be still and quiet. They were silly, and full of wiggles. They were hot and they were cold. They were yelling instead of singing. They were skipping to the microphone instead of walking nicely. They were being exactly what 5 and 6 years olds are supposed to be! They were having fun, and looking to ‘brighten the corner’ where they were. So, we sat…and did our best to finish the practice. And, then I sent them on their way. Skipping and playing out to the playground…where they were much more relaxed than on a set of risers in a big, quiet sanctuary in a church.

BUT…TODAY…I must ‘crack the whip’ and remind them that TONIGHT is the program…TONIGHT is the night they must remember all the rules…TONIGHT is the night they must bring out the good manners, and remember ‘stage presence’…AND remember the words to their part…AND remember the words to all the songs! And…they will! They will be perfect…well, they will be perfect 5 and 6 years old children…and that will be just fine!