Santa Rosa Beach
Originally uploaded by Tonja Owens

Today, my family and I are heading out for a beach fling at Santa Rosa Beach (near Destin). We have a house rented for the week. It’s walking distance to the ocean and has its own private pool. We are all so excited! Alex is going with us, as are Suzanne and Adam. And Sweet Ian is coming down from B’ham for a few days. Don’s sisters and families will be joining us for the end of the week. I plan to go to Publix when I get there, and buy stuff for sandwiches, a cook-out, potatoe salad and brownies…then I am off duty. It’s every man and woman for themselves! Mom made us one of her Best in the World pound cakes…so all is well…no one will starve.

I heard a very famous person will be making an appearance in Destin while we are there. I’ve confirmed that it is indeed possible. So my plans are to be at the right place to at least catch a glimpse of said person…and maybe even get to exchange a few words. I’m not gonna jinx it telling you the name…but you know you can count on me to fill you in when I get back. Wish me luck.

Here’s hoping you have a great, fun filled week ahead. I’ll report in when I return.