“Run, Bambi, Run
Will has got his gun.”

He said, “It’s time to go.”
I told him, “NO! NO! NO!

That’s not the thing to do
For folks as nice as you.”

But, he did not agree
And, now he’s up a tree.

“Please, Bambi, run and hide
Stay close to Mama’s side.

It’s never safe to run
When Will gets out his gun!”

Can you guess how I feel about deer hunting? Just to think of it, makes me shiver. Any kind of hunting, really. I just don’t get it. But, in this part of the country, it is just the natural thing to do. Boys get started early and get initiated into the whole deer hunting gang by getting covered with the blood of the deer they killed. UGH! Now, I have a nephew-in-law, who married my sweet niece, Tara. She was a sweet girl…totally uncorrupted until she met up with Will. Now, she goes on these expeditions with him. I can not believe she turned like that!:)
But, she enjoys it.

Sad as it is that they have chosen this gruesome hobby, I love them both dearly. Will and Tara are both such good, kind young people. They work hard, and I think hunting is their only vice. Will is a big outdoorsman and fishes as well. Tara has become his companion on these outings, and she loves it, too. I am the Director of the Preschool in our church, and Will and Tara are the Assistant Directors. I am training them to take over completely, and they are very capable. There are times, like today, when I am not able to be there because of Alex and I feel so blessed knowing that everything will continue running smoothly and they will take care of everything. They are praying for a special blessing in their lives right now and my prayer is that God will give them the desires of their hearts. I am blessed having them in my life and being able to work along side of them. But, they can ask all they want…I’m NEVER going hunting with them!