“God has given us these times of joy.” Nehemiah 12:43

Tina and I travelled to Moultrie today to attend a very special party. Shirl is retiring after 28 or 38 years of teaching. (I don’t remember which she said. 38 seems like long time…I don’t think she’s THAT old.) Her sweet daughters had a surprise party for her to let her know how proud they are of her. Both of her daughters are in the teaching profession as well as one of her SILs. Well, she was expecting pictures with the family…but she got all of us instead!

Look at all the food! Yummy goodies!

And, look at this cake! So pretty and so good! Shirl thought the top layer should be all hers!

Sue, Shirl’s sister, was the first to spill something on her clothes! Seems the older I get, the more I do that! Jayna to the rescue…she fixed it right up!

I do not remember what we were laughing at here…but it was really funny! I love to laugh!

Remember my big kitchen picture from Maui? Well, here’s the small version. I brought it to Shirley because she has a lot of the blue and white china. And, because I love her!

And here are The Sister Friends! Tina…Shirl…Tonja

Shirley and her daughters…Jayna( son, 3 years…daughter due in 2 weeks)…Shirl…Jolie (daughter 5 years,son due in Oct.)

The Lord provided us a beautiful day with blue skies, and plenty of beautiful sunshine. Jolie and Jayna honored their Mother, and showed her how much they admire the work she has done through the years. Several of the ladies she teaches with were there also to celebrate with her and share their memories. And, Tina and I were blessed to be able to share the day with them all. ‘Cause, it really wouldn’t have been a party without us, now would it??? 🙂

Jayna’s husband, Keith, is a man of many talents! We should all be so lucky! He built their house, cans vegetables and fruits, and is a gardener deluxe! This is a hanging basket on their deck. I thought it was so beautiful. The colors just made me smile!

Tina and I made it home safely, and solved all the world’s problems along the way…as well as planned a bridal shower! Women should rule the world…we know how to get it done…and get it done right! 🙂 Happy Sunday to you!