What an honor! Thanks to Dianne, at Glasses of Grace, who has chosen me for this award. I found sweet Dianne through some other bloggers I met and it seems as if we are on the same wave length about many things. I adore reading about her adventures with her neices. She has an awesome relationship with them. They both are blessed to have each other in their lives.

When I think of the word “reflection”, I am reminded that a reflection is a picture of who we really are. In this internet world, I have chosen to be the “reflection” of the real me. The one that does not try to act smarter or wiser than I really am. The me that is dumfounded by some things and in absolute awe of others. The me that loves to make people laugh and feel comfortable, and the me that needs private time alone to regroup. I am so honored that Dianne thought enough of my feeble attempts at communication to share this award with me. I hope my “reflection” always leads my readers to see my love of the Lord, my appreciation of the beautiful world He provided for us, and my love of the people He chose to put into my circle of life. I thank God for these blessings with much humility. I have the sweetest group of friends in this bloggy world that I count on daily…..thank-you for your reflection of true friendship! Love you all!

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I have put much thought into the blogs I list on my blogroll. I choose to list only those whose values and lifestyle are similar to mine. Ones who I can feel comfortable with recommending to others. So, since so many have already been chosen for this award, I offer to you as my nomination those who appear on my blogroll. Thanks, ladies for enlightening me daily.