It has been almost exactly a week…to the hour…that the Lord called my Mama to come home. What a week. I think my family has learned some important lessons through this…I sure have.
God says that ‘His grace will be sufficient…’, and it has. I look back at this past week and wonder how it is that I was able to do what had to be done. How was I able to speak at her funeral? How was I able to smile and truly find joy in the situation? One word…grace. God’s grace. He promises He will strengthen us WHEN we need it. I was talking to the pastor that preached part of her funeral, and he said that there have been times when he has thought he could not get through a service…but the minute he stood, he felt the strength of God filling him. As my friend Pam was singing, I thought I would just decline to opportunity to speak. Everyone would understand. But, when she finished…I stood. And the peace and strength and grace of the Lord literally washed over me. And, I was able to do what I had planned. My sister, Joy, and Pop have both felt this, too.
*******My doorbell just rang and my friend, Allison, was there with a beautiful pie, and ice cream for topping! Yummy! I can hardly wait to have a piece! Thank-you, Allison! My friends have so ministered to me this week. I am truly blessed******

We sang the beautiful hymn, Great Is Thy Faithfulness, at the funeral. One of Mom’s favorites.
I must take this opportunity to say that God keeps His promises. He does what He says He will do. Always. And, there is great security and peace in KNOWING that.
I have lived for 1 week without my Mom. And, I will live the rest of my life without my Mom. But, when my life is over, I will be with her again! And, that’s His promise!