O, God, you are magnificent!
You, alone, are the Master Creator!
The waves in the ocean pound out praises to You as they roll onto the shore!

The flowers send out their alluring fragrance…
Reminding all who wander by to stop and breathe it in.

The wind blows all of Your creation-
The palms dance against the bluest of skies.
The clouds gather to offer shade-
As the birds sing out of Your glory.

The flowers wear their most beautiful shades of color to delight our eyes.

Only You, O God, could cause such beauty, and peace, and contentment to reside in this one place.

The fruits of the trees outdo each other
as they produce crop after crop of delicious offerings:
Pineapple, papaya, mango, banana, coconut.
What a delicious feast You set for us!

The fish in the ocean:
The mahi-mahi, the ahi, the opaka- so sweet to the taste.
A most generous gift from you.

The sky above it all pulls out its most awesome colors…
It paints with blues and oranges, and yellows, and pinks, and blackest of all blacks.
It covers this beautiful island with its canopy of beauty.
It shouts to all the greatness of our God.

This mere observer and partaker is humbled and awed…and so very grateful.

Tonja Owens…10/16/08

Pictures made in Maui, Hawaii…October, 2008.