This is my little friend, Sophie. You may remember me telling you about my friend Sherrie going to China to adopt her. Well, she is coming to preschool now! She has had surgery, and is feeling well, and quickly becoming a typical 3 year old. My friend Sherrie has been so good for her, and has been God led in her mothering of this sweet child.

We are all so happy to have her in our lives. And we thank God for giving this sweet child a chance to be healthy, happy and loved in America.

It amazes me how quickly bonds can form in children. This child came here knowing no one, knowing no language, and sick. And in a short time, she is well, she is speaking English, and understanding more than she speaks, she is bonded to this wonderful family. And what I think is the most amazing thing of all is the fact that she feel confident enough in the love and security of her family, that she is willing to go places without them. In her little mind, she KNOWS this is her forever family, and she is free now to learn of life, to enjoy new experiences, to grow and become the wonderful girl God planned her to be…knowing all the while that she has a family waiting there to lift her up if she falls, to wipe a tear if she cries, and give her hugs for no reason at all.

Sherrie, thank you for sharing her with us. We are blessed by you both!