We have been living here in the Creek House for about a month, now. I love it! I love being here, I love coming home here, I love walking in the door here, I love resting here, I love sleeping here, I love getting ready for my day here. HOWEVER, I do NOT like having to take Scooter out for a ‘potty break’ here. But, I do, because, our fence is STILL not completed!

I do not know who is putting up our fence…but, if I ever had to have another fence put up, I would find out who they are and NOT use them. They will show up, and work for maybe 4 or 5 hours, then they are gone! They have been working on this fence since a few days after we moved in. We do not have a giant yard…it should not have taken as long as it has. I will watch them sometimes, and I think they have a ‘buddy system’.

One works while his buddy watches, then they will switch. Why they can’t both work together is a mystery to me. Why they can not work a whole day is a mystery to me. Why this does not bother my husband, who usually has no sympathy for this type of thing, is a mystery to me. Maybe if HE was the one taking the dog out day AND night, it would bother him more. Oh, dear, do I sound bitter?

The sides and back of the fence are cedar, but, across the front and attaching to the house is iron. When it is finished, it will add a very nice accent to the yard. Also, Scooter will thoroughly enjoy exploring and sniffing to his heart’s content when he can be off leash and free. I am writing this on Saturday morning, and TO MY AMAZEMENT, the fence fixers are here…and working!

Will wonders never cease? I do NOT think Don called to complain…I think the good Lord lit a fire under them. Because He knew I was going to BLOW A GASKET very soon if the fence wasn’t finished. He knows that this is not a pretty sight, and someone usually ends up saying things she shouldn’t and acting in a manner unbecoming to a nice, Christian lady. I wouldn’t want to point fingers or anything…that’s just not becoming. I’m just saying. So…

“Work on, fence fixers!
Fix my fence, I pray!
Make it safe for man and beast,
Finish! Please, TODAY!”