I have just gotten some devastating news! I don’t know how I am going to be able to cope. I just know that my life will not be full and rewarding for at least…oh…about 13 days. This afternoon, my internet connection, my telephone service, and my cable tv has all been cut off! Disconnected, I tell you! Shut down, cut loose, turned off! Can you feel my pain?

I am sitting in the doctor’s office with Alex, and fortunately they have wireless internet here, or I could not be sharing my dark day with you, my friends, my dear bloggy buddies.

For some strange reason, the ‘powers that be’ will not let you wait until you move to turn off service to one house, and turn it on at another. Of course they won’t…that would be too convenient. So, since my desire is to move into the Creek House on the 15th…and since I want to have cable, telephone, and internet….YES! I want it all!…I am forced to comply with this travesty.

Therefore, I share my sad story with you all, so you will know why I am absent and not as available as usual. I will try to find places to check in with you and keep you updated on my fascinating daily experiences. ..and the ‘fun folks’ I encounter! 🙂
Bear with me, if you will be so gracious, and I’ll be back with you just as soon as possible!