Spending so much of this week trying to recover from the Crud…and last week trying to heal a sprained back, I have watched waaaaaaaay too much television. And, I tell you, friends, it is not a pretty picture. Just a few observations…

1. HGTV needs to make some new shows. Most of the ones playing now are on their 4th or 5th go around. If they can build that Dream Home, you’d think they could turn loose of some money to make some new shows.

2. One of the few new ones they have made is Decorating Cents…new host. Not good, not good at all. Big mistake!

3. Why would anyone want Billy Mays to to hawk their product? He has the most annoying voice ever. I wouldn’t buy anything he is selling, just because they should know better than to hire him.

4. A close second is Anthony Sullivan. Awwwww! My ears are hurting.
5. Just how many times a day can a commercial be run? I’m here to say…it’s way too many! I am so tired of Marie Osmond and Jill Barberee, and that other girl talking about NutriSystem and Jenny Craig. That other girl, yeah Valerie Bertinelli, has a friend with her now.

6. There is a new show on called Lie To Me, that is all about reading facial expressions. It is really pretty good.

7. Lost is back on again. This is one of the best shows on television. What makes it so good (besides the hunky men) is that you are sure you have it figured out…and something happens to show you that you haven’t got a clue. Excellent writers…excellent show!

8. It is a sad thing to me that out of all the 3 major networks, none of them have a news team that I have any trust in. I lost all confidence in them during the past election.

9. I really enjoy watching Mike Huckabee on Fox News. And, Shepherd Smith can really be a hoot. Nancy Grace needs to take a chill pill. I wonder if she ever relaxes. Bill O’Reilly can be very obnoxious.

10. Oh, and Proactiv…sick of hearing about it again and again and again and again…

11. Have you seen the new commercial playing now where women scream like banshees, and go tearing thru town chasing after a truck just to get at the 100 calorie Oreo Cakester? Stupid!

12. Does anyone really need one of those blankets with sleeves in it?

13. Stacy London of What Not To Wear…can be really overbearing and unkind at times. Clinton Kelley is usually much nicer. Stacy seems to not have much use for someone who is not as fashion savvy as she.

14. There is no way I believe that a fishing boat out on the high seas will have some frozen fish sticks from the ‘Gorton fisherman’ for dinner.

15. My favorite commercial of all time is the one where the mom opens the door and a snowman comes in and sits at the table. She serves him Campbell’s Soup and slowly the snow begins to melt. Lo and Behold…her son is under all the snow! Cute, cute commercial.

16. I have met some very irritating and obnoxious doctors through the years. However, Dr. House trumps them all. I do like to watch that show. I always try to catch that moment when the diagnosis becomes apparent to him. Brilliant! The show, not him…cause I know he’s not real, but the writers…brilliant!
17. Vern Yip seems like a really nice person. I like the carpenter, Ian, on Color Splash, also.
18. OK, that’s enough for now. I’m feeling a little sick of TV….you know…kinda like a cherry overload! Oh, and your pet is NOT free from tick, fleas and heartworms in the winter.