95% of all suitcases are black.

Quite literally, some people roll out of bed and travel in the same clothes…ugh!

Almost every teen and young adult travels with earbuds attached to the ipod in their pocket.

Airports and airplanes are some of the coldest places on earth.

I do not like having to go barefoot through the metal detector.

I do not mind, however, going through any of the other security screening. Those who gripe about it must have no regard for their safety.

Ladies…please do NOT ever wear tennis shoes and socks with your capri pants…it’s just not right.

Men, most of you over the age of 30 should never travel in shorts…it is not pretty!

And, ladies, why, oh, why, would you wear stilettos when you travel? I mean, really, you look totally silly trying to rush through the airport balancing on those tiny stilts, while juggling packages, and trying not to fall. Really silly.

When families are travelling together…if the mother is dressed in a stylish and ‘put-together’ outfit, the rest of the family will be as well. Unless there is a teen-aged son…then all bets are off!

The first set of restrooms you come to when you exit your plane is going to be crowded. Ladies will be lined up out the door. If you will just keep walking till you come to the next one (which isn’t very far), you can go right in and get down to business with no wait.

Does a toddler really need 3 stuffed animals for comfort on an airplane?

What a great idea to put movie and TV screens in the seat backs! Everyone can watch what they want, and there is a great selection to choose from. Smart!

Most folks complain about airline food, but it has improved greatly since they are charging for it now.

Most everyone travelling to the islands is happy and in a good mood. And why not?

Most everyone leaving the islands is tanned, laden with packages, and sad to go. Perfectly understandable.

Every time I used a credit or debit card, I was asked for my I.D. also. I decided to be thankful for that. So each time I was asked, I told the clerk, “Thank-you for checking.” They were surprised every time. But, I should be thankful for that…they were doing me a favor making sure no one else is using my card.

It would be much easier and so much less stressful exiting a flight if the flight attendants followed the lead of kindergarten teachers. Tell everyone to stay seated and then call one group at a time to leave. The ones that sit quietly with the least grumbling would get out faster. I think I will write a letter to Delta.

No matter how wonderful the place you travel to…there is truly no place like home!