After Joy and I finished our work on Pop’s den, we decided to go through some more of her things that needed to be discarded. Things like make-up, and lotions, and other personal items.

This is not a fun thing to do…but it is necessary. It feels almost intrusive, though. These are the things that she touched everyday. Just little things like 48 lipsticks, and 13 compacts, and foundation…10 or 12, lotions, Oil of Olay and Nivea, and 7 curling irons with teeth and without, buttons, old fashioned hair rollers, hair clips, toothpaste, toothbrushes,combs and brushes. Nothing great and wonderful…just the normal grooming things we all use to get us through the day. I wish I had taken a pic of just how organized she had it all. She could put her hand right on whatever she needed. Everything was in its place…she always put it back in the area she created for it. (It is obvious to those who know me that this trait did not pass on to me. Oh, I can organize it, and find a perfect home for it…it’s the ‘putting back’ I have trouble with!) She also had a drawer full of beautiful handkerchiefs, and hand towels. Some were embroidered with Granny, or Mother or some other sentiment.Here were some gifts from the grandchildren and notes from Joy and I. And, this scarf was among them.

I remember buying this for her for Mother’s Day one year. It was in an April Cornell store…do you remember those? I think they have all moved overseas now…but there was such a beautiful array of ‘fancy’ things there that she loved.
I thought this scarf was so beautiful and pink and prissy…all the things she liked.
And the verse that was woven into the fabric was so perfect, it would not have mattered how much it cost…because it was already hers.


My Home it is my Mother,
Within her heart I live.
Her love is like no other;
The sunshine it does give.
And like the spreading branches
Of a truly fragrant tree,
My Mother?