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Thank you, Kat, for giving me this award. What a sweet surprise it
was to find it on your blog.
When I looked up what ‘nice’ means, Webster’s says this:

1. discriminating, fastidious

2. marked by delicate discrimination or treatment

3. pleasing, agreeable, well-executed

4. well-bred

5. virtuous, respectable, choosy, particular, persnickity, picky

I was feeling pretty good about myself…until I got near the end of #5!
Who knew that ‘nice’ meant all that? But, it’s true, I do find myself being those things,too, at times.

The award states:” This award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blogging friends, and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. It is also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world.”

So, Kat, I think you are the embodiment of those words. You are everything the award states. I have so enjoyed getting to know you, because you are…you know…”NICE.”

And so are these friends: Dianne, Tracey, Jean, Lynne, Leah, Rhoda.