I need a new pair of black shoes. Really. I do. Now I will admit that I have a shoe habit. There is nothing that can lift your spirits like a new pair of shoes. They can save a perfectly rotten day. And since I am in the process of trying to get my weight down, it’s the only thing I’m allowing myself to buy at the moment. Back to the shoes. I looked through my closet and I only have 16 pairs of black shoes. Now, if you are a fashion savvy person, this number will not shock you. I have black tennis shoes…3 pair: 1 with tan trim, 1 with grey trim and 1 solid pair. Then I have 2 pair of flat mary jane type: 1 with white trim, 1 solid black. Then there are the heels: 1 pair is very strappy-low heel, 1 very strappy- high heel. Next are the casual shoes: 1 pair flat mules with rubber sole, 1 dressier pair flat mules with regular sole,and 1 pair loafers with tan stiching. Next comes the sandals: 1 pair with stones on the top, 1 pair with a white flower, 1 pair with a tiny kitten heel, 1 pair with a wedge heel, 2 pair of espradilles (cause I liked them so much) and 1 black pair with pink and green flower. Oh, and 4 pairs of flip flops. Oh! I just remembered. I do have a pair of black and white polka dot heels. O.K….just don’t go back and count. I’m feeling convicted here…and I didn’t even mention my 2 pair of black boots. And have you seen those shoes where you buy the sole and then buy different tops that snap onto the sole…one of the tops I got is black, monogrammed in khaki. You know, fashionable ladies, that different outfits call for different shoes. The wrong pair of shoes can just ruin the look of the most carefully put together ensemble. My husband thinks that if the shoes are the same color, they are the same shoe. Oh, those sad male minds. Don’t they realize that it’s the subtle differences that make each pair a necessity? Of course they don’t. Oh well, as I said in the beginning of this post: I need a new pair of black shoes….so….bye…off to the mall.