I do not like the cold. That is not news to you if you have read Gatherings for any time at all. And, I do not like a cold bathroom. Big news, huh? Every morning I must turn up the heat in the bathroom before I can go in to get a shower. Because I have a husband who believes that every room in the house needs to be near freezing in order to have a restful nights sleep. He believes it…I don’t. However, I let him live with his illusions to keep peace in the home.

I love the Creek House. I am so thankful for the Creek House. I am blessed to be living in the Creek House. But, because of the kind of water heaters we put into the house (and the DH researched it long and hard)…it takes a few l-o-n-g moments for the water to warm up enough to step in to it. Which is not so traumatic in the spring…or summer…or even fall. But, in the winter…it is an uncomfortable state of being!

So, you will not be surprised when I tell you that once I can finally get into the shower, I am sufficiently chilled to the bone…being without coverings and all. And, it takes a good while for my ‘self’ to warm up once that warm water and I meet!

When I saw this little cartoon…it reminded me of these facts. And, I thought I would share them with you. Not that I think for even a second that it matters one whit in the world if I have a cold bathroom! But, I thought you would enjoy the cartoon…and it just seemed kind of strange to just post the cartoon with out some lead in to it. But, on second thought…it may have been just as well.

FYI: I do not do too well on ‘float’ and ‘meditate’……..I’m just saying…