It came to my attention this week that some folks were a little offended by my last post. So sorry. But, if you were offended,(and I mean this in the kindest way,) that’s your problem. I write my blog for ME, to express MY thoughts, MY feelings, MY shortcomings, MY life. If I feel that I have some information to pass along, I’ll do it. If I feel like I can share something I have learned that may help someone else, I’ll share it. If I find a little nonsense and I think it will make you laugh, I’ll pass it along. But, am I an authority that should be listened to and followed?…heaven forbid. I am a flawed, mistake making, struggling individual. I try everyday to make the right decisions, to live a life that is pleasing to God and my fellow man, to follow the path that will bring happiness to myself and others. I have only my God and my family to answer to.

One of the nicest things that I have found through this blogging adventure is friendship with other struggling ladies like myself. Now, I may not agree with everything they say, as I am sure they don’t agree with everything that I say, but that’s what makes life interesting. Your opinions, expressed in your blogs, either cause me to examine my ideas, strengthen my ideas, or change my ideas. I never want to get so set into one way of thinking that I refuse to change. With growth, comes change, and things that refuse to grow soon wither and die.

I do not intend to make any changes in the way that I use this forum. I will continue to write for myself, and follow my own guidelines. This is not to say that I do not welcome debate on issues, or for you to question me. But, a difference of opinion should never cause unkindness or name calling or ridicule. You see, my thoughts have been shaped by the life I have led, by the experiences I have gone through, by the people I have learned from…as have yours. So, we should all respect, and learn from each other.

Now, as to the issue in question: Y’ALL vs YA’LL…I, frankly, couldn’t care less how you spell it. It is interesting to me that there IS even a correct spelling…and I am citing the dictionaries that I listed as my “proof.” I have never considered myself a good speller…and I rely on spell checker most of the time. So, this information is worth exactly what you paid for it…Take it or leave it.

Now I am on to better things. I have wasted far too much of my time on what I thought was just a passing post. I choose to put this episode behind me.