We had a meeting yesterday with architect and builder to compare lists of things still to do at the Creek House. So, after covering several things that needed attention…we were told that we could move in on the 15th of December. Everything should be finished by then. We have been waiting for some time for the rest of the travertine to come in…from Turkey. Well, it is finally in this country. And they should be able to finish the porch and the pool deck next week. Then the landscaping will start. We are in a heavily wooded lot, and want it to stay that way. But, there are several trees and bushes and vines that need to be cut out. There will be a potting shed added to the back, and a wooden fence and an iron fence. The steps and a few other places need to be mortar washed. Several of the appliances have to be changed out, and we are waiting on the cabinet man to build Alex’s bed. It will be custom made for him, with all controls located in the bed. The TV and sound systems have to go in, but not until the locks are changed…because I can not open them. The keys stick in the lock. Then a final clean up and it will be ours!

You know, I have been thinking that we would be able to move in November, and at first I was very disappointed about the change. But, upon thinking more about it, I realize that God has been working out this plan all along. I am so wrapped up at school right now with 3 programs to practice. And guess when my final program is? December 15! How’s that for timing? In all honesty, I tend to get way stressed about this time of year…programs, shirts, shopping, decorating, meal planning, etc. But, this year…I can concentrate on my programs. There will be no decorating, and the shirts are already at the printers. The majority of the shopping has been done, as has most of the packing. So, this moving thing should be easy enough without all that extra to worry with.

Good plan, God, good plan!