This morning we attended the funeral of a young man,45 years, who died on Friday. He was sick for a short time with bladder cancer, and was in much, much pain through out his ordeal. He had buried his first wife 20 years ago, and was left with 1 daughter. He met and married a girl in our church 18 years ago with 1 daughter from her first marriage. Then together, they had a daughter. The whole extended families are in our church also. I have known him all my life. His uncle did part of the service and our pastor did another part. His wife said that this was not a funeral, but a celebration of his life. And, it was. One of the last things Mart said was, “I’m not afraid to die, I’m just afraid I might not have done everything the Lord wanted me to while I was here.” Friends, that is a sermon in itself, isn’t it? Cindy asked the pastor to be sure and give the plan of salvation in the service, so that anyone who may be there and did not know Christ, would have the opportunity today. What a testimony to the love and strength of God. He WILL give strength to those who need it…and His strength is enough.

Alex had a particularlly bad night last night…so I was up with him for 5 or 6 hours. So, today, I’m a little weary. And guess who woke me up this morning? Felicia (she of the high pitched and cutesy voice) calling me to remind me of my appointment with the D-man in the morning. And did I need to know the charges since I did not have insurance and did I have any questions. HUH!!!! “Yes, Felicia (of the annoying cutesy voice) I am aware of my appointment. I have been aware of DOOMSDAY since the beginning of June. It has been like a cloud of scary hanging over me everywhere I have been this summer…I thought about it on the beaches in Maui, I thought about on the beaches in Destin, I thought about it as I’ve sat in church, I thought about it as I have visited in Birmingham…I know when it is!!!!
And, I do not have any questions…they will all be asked when I get there…like how many shots of novacaine can I have?” No, I didn’t really say that…I just said,”I’ll see you in the morning.”

Don left this afternoon for Colorado. He is going on a big motorcycle ride out there. This is an invited only type of ride. It is through the————-Mountains. I confess I do not remember what mountains he said it was…..because I was thinking of Felicia and her wake-up call! And I do not know geography very well, either. All we teach of geography at MY school is learning the name of our town. So please send a prayer up for his safety as he rides.

And this would probably be a good time for y’all to get down on your knees and start the petitions to our Heavenly Father for this big ‘ole scaredy cat. You may need to throw one in there for Felicia….cause I’m sure I am NOT going to be in the mood to hear her in my time of distress.