In Honor of Valentines Week, I will be posting differing types of hearts all week.
Hearts…they’re everywhere! Once you start looking, you can find lots of them. So enjoy! And feel free to take one, if you like!


This heart is actually a formation found on the planet Mars, and was photographed by the Hubble Telescope.

Two birds-one heart. Would that make them ‘love birds’?

Uh! Oh! Here comes another one. And, he’s carrying a heart,too. Doesn’t he know that ‘three’s a crowd’?

A great balloon bouquet! How many hearts do you see? Up! Up! and Away!

Can you see the heart on the face of the mountain? Bet it’s cold up there!

Fluffy heart cloud! Watch! It won’t last long!

Ah! Two heart shaped balloons flying free! Wonder where these are going to end up?