This is the moisturizer I have used for years. Once I found it, I’ve never used anything else. Because it works on my dry skin! Nothing else ever did, and I tried many. So, I am a lifetime user!

I have always used a liquid foundation from Clinique also. And, I was very pleased. But, the last time I went in to buy makeup…the clerk showed me this. And, I guess I was in a “let’s try something new” mood. I bought it, and tried it, and I’m sold!

Here is the information that went along with it…
NEW Superbalanced Powder Makeup SPF 15
“Smart” technology keeps dry areas comfortable, oily areas less shiny. No-waste grinder dispenses skin-defending vitamins with each twist. Fresh-shaved mineral powder clings evenly to skin. Lasts for up to 8 long hours. Includes antibacterial brush.
Skin Types: All
Formula: Loose Powder
Coverage: Moderate
Benefits: Balances combination skin, Long wearing, Mineral enriched, Natural skin-perfecting look, Oil control

Friends, this makeup is great! I love it. I love the coverage, I love how long it lasts, I love how quickly it goes on. I did have to get a big brush…this little one just doesn’t cut it. I bought a big, fat brush at the drugstore.

Since I have retired, I am home much more than usual. And, I have a tendency to not bother with makeup and hair and the like. But, this is so quick…there’s no reason not to brush it on…add a little blush…and I’m done. Of course, if I am going out, I’ll do my eye makeup, too. (Naturally Glossy Mascara by—Clinique, of course)

Just wanted to pass this along because I tend to just stay with products that are tried and true and that I know work…especially when it comes to cosmetics. And, sometimes, there can be new products that are actually better. This one has been for me.

What about you? Do you have products that you feel a loyalty to? Products that you always buy and use? Share, please….