I love, love, love to read magazines. It is like a present when one of my favorites puts out a new issue. I confess right here and now…I have TOO many favorites. These are the ones I read faithfully each month: Country Living, Country Home, More, Home Companion, and Oprah. Such good writing and articles. In my busy life, it is easier to read short articles when time allows. I have recently found a new magazine called Deep, about life in the deep South. Quite nice. Articles here are about our region of the U.S., and people who live here. Also another magazine that has captured my attention is La Vie Claire. It is published only 4 times a year…but it is the most beautiful magazine since Victoria. Another good read for wise shoppers is SHOP SMART. This is put out by Consumer Reports…but it is a little lighter reading. There are no advertisements in this one and they rate products for you. For example, in this issue the investigate snack foods, paints, cookware, wrinkle creams, exercise equipment and much more. Check it out. And just yesterday, I found that Joyce Meyer is putting out a new magazine. I haven’t looked at it yet, but she is one of my favorite Christian speakers and teachers…so it has to be good. Sometimes, I will buy Lucky and Domino, and they are pretty good,too. And Southern Lady is sometimes on my list. Then, I like to read Country Sampler and Country Marketplace, Create and Decorate, and occasionally a scrapbook mag. I know! It’s too many!
But what if I miss seeing something that I wouldn’t want to miss? That would be too sad.
I have begun passing them along, though. I will take them to work and give them to some of the girls there. Of course they may have a page torn out…because I do like to keep files of the things I like. Who knows? I may need that info some day. Must close for now…gotta go through my stacks of new February issues.