I’ll bet these quilts could keep you warm!

One of my dearest friends in the world, Shirley, taught me all about quilts. As a matter of fact, she taught me about the world of ‘country decorating’ years ago. I embraced it wholeheartedly. I remember the very first craft show she took me to, we arrived before daylight and she had me buying things I couldn’t even see! One of those was a beautiful quilted vest! Sweet memories!
Anyway, back to the quilts. Shirl taught me to appreciate the quilt as an art form, as well as a nod to times past. She has an amazing collection, as does Tina. And, I am getting there. I even bought a small Hawaiian quilt while we were in Maui last summer. I wish I had known enough to have saved my grandmother’s quilts. But, I do have one that Don’s grandmother made for him. And one from my Aunt Marie. Priceless treasures!

So, if it is cold where you are right now…imagine wrapping up in a warm quilt stitched with loving hands. Especially you, Shirl!

FYI: I did not make these quilts…that would require a body to sit and focus on one task for a loooong time…this, along with quilting, is a skill I do not possess.