I had the following conversation with a little one today.

CHILD: Mrs.Owens, you got ‘old’ hair.

ME: Did you say ‘old hair’ or ‘gold hair’?

CHILD: (laughing) You don’t have ‘gold hair’…that’s silly!

ME: Well, what exactly is ‘old hair’?

CHILD: It’s like the color of silver.

ME: You’re right, my hair is turning silver. Some people think that means that
you’re getting old…but it really means you’re getting smarter!

CHILD: Are you real smart, Mrs. Owens?

ME: What do you think?

CHILD: I think you are really smart, cause you sing good songs. And I think you
like to play games. And, I think you can see good ’cause you wear glasses.
And, I like it when you ‘mess up’…’cause you don’t care, you just laugh.

ME: Well, I guess that makes me pretty smart, then. But, what about my hair?
Do you think it is OK?

CHILD: Yes, Mam. I think it is beautiful. It is shiny like diamonds. I think it
IS ‘old hair’, though. But, that’s OK, ’cause YOU are old, too!
And, so I am. But, if I have a song in my heart, and don’t take my self too seriously, if I can still play games and have diamonds in my hair…then I am one blessed lady…and I’m ‘smart’ enough to know it!