That’s the title of an old country song…do you remember it? It really was a terrible song, but it told how the boy was swingin’ with the girl on the front porch.

What are your memories of swinging? I remember little about a swing set when I was a little girl…but, there do seem to be lots of pics of my sister and I turning flips over the bars…not much swinging going on.

My boys had a swing set they loved to play on in our backyard. We also had a lawn swing under the big tree in our backyard that we all swung in for many a mile. During the last remodel of our previous home, we built a sunroom, and I had a swing hung inside…I loved it…as did everyone else that came to our house.

Now we are in our new home. Don got me a little potting shed, and it has a swing on the front porch. There really is not much room to swing….mostly just a place to dangle your feet.

Now, this is a beautiful old swing, isn’t it? I bet it could tell lots of stories of people who had swung within its arms. Parents and children…boyfriends and girlfriends. It looks as if it has been well used. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to restore it, put in a new seat, and a comfy cushion?

This one, on the other hand, is strictly a fantasy swing. A beautiful forest, a beautiful girl, a beautiful dress, beautiful flowers, and beautiful sunshine. What’s not to love?

This swing, made of metal, is called a moon swing. It is supposed to represent swinging in the cusp of the moon. It is very pretty, but I think all those metal circles would not be very comfortable.

This is the pumpkin swing. Sort of like Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater…put her in a pumpkin shell…It, too is quite beautiful, but I imagine it would get very hot in there on a summer’s day!

And, this is the best one of all…good sturdy board…strong ropes…and room for 1. You can swing as high and as fast as you want. Yep, I want one just like this in my backyard!