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My DH, Don, had an urge to cook today, Of course, that was just fine with me. So, he went to the grocery store last night and bought ribs,pork tenderloin, fixins for baked beans, coleslaw, and corn on the cob. He also bought fresh shrimp. He got up cooking , and has cooked all day. He marinated the pork tenderloin all night and grilled the ribs, and the tenderloin. He also grilled the corn and the shrimp. I made the cole slaw and baked beans and the cornbread…but all according to HIS recipes. Mom made cookies and a pound cake. She and Pop, my sister, Joy, and BIL, Tommy came, as did my neice, Lori and her boyfriend, Ben. Alex was feeling well and was able to be up with us, too.

We had a great time just visiting with each other…the food was great, and we celebrated the 4th in style. What a blessing to have such a wonderful family. We can always get together and laugh and play and have the best time. And even laugh about the yucky coleslaw!!!

Pop managed to get his pic made with all the girls!

Hope you enjoyed your day as well!