I saw this quite a while ago and thought it would be appropriate to do it now, as we begin a new year…It really made me think.

A. Name 8 things you are passionate about:

2.My husband
3.my boys
8.my home

B. Name 8 things you say often:

1.”Hey, my friend”
2.”What do you want me to pick up for supper?”/”Why don’t you pick up something?”
4.”You’re just not right!”
5.”That’s a beautiful thing!”
6.”I’m glad you’re my______”
7.”Now where could I have put that?”
8.”I love you more”

C. Name 8 books you would read again:

2.Of Mice and Men
3.To Kill A Mockingbird
4.The Purpose Driven Life
5.Faith Is Not A Feeling
6.The Red Tent
7.I Feel Bad About My Neck
8.The ‘PURSE’ Driven Life

D. Name 8 songs you never get tired of hearing:

1.You Are My Hiding Place
2.When You Call On Jesus
3.Breath Of Heaven
4.Mary, Did You Know?
5.What A Wonderful World
6.You Light Up My Life
7.You’ve Got A Friend
8.I Can Only Imagine

E. Name 8 movies you would purchase:

2.My Big Fat Greek Wedding
4.Somewhere In Time
5.Fried Green Tomatoes
6.Gone With the Wind
7.Pretty Woman
8.The Shawshank Redemption

F. Name 8 things you hope to do before you die:

1.See Alex get better
2.Write a book
3.Move into our new house
4.Have grandchildren
5.Travel to Europe
6.Have a beach house
7.lose weight
8.Get my closet organized

G. Name 8 Changes you plan to make in 2008:

1.lose weight
2 get rid of clutter and things I don’t need
3.do more Bible Study
4.TRY to cook more
5.start writing Pop’s book
6.spend more time in my studio…doing the creative thing
7.take a trip with MOM, JOY, DIL, NIECES
8.change my address

Now, how about you? What are your 8 things? I’m not going to tag anyone specifically, but I just know the “B” club will play along. And if you’d like to be considered for entrance into the “B” Club…this would be a good start! Have fun!