Every time we return to the former house, we find dirty clothes! So, my new washer and dryer have been getting a real work out! It is one of these new front loading kinds, and so far, it seems to be working well. I never seem to see any water in the clothes, however…so I’m not sure what it uses!

Today, Adam came by and visited with Alex for a while, then I heard him call me from the other room. “Mom, have you watched this washing machine work?” he said. As a matter of fact, I had not. I just throw my clothes in and leave…believing it will do what it says it will do! But, I got up and went into the laundry room. There, sitting on a step stool right in front of the washing machine, sat my 33 year old son. Head in hands, he was watching the washer as it went through the cycles. I laughed and asked him if he knew how he looked sitting there in front of a washing machine fascinated by its operation. He laughed and said that he had just never seen one like this before. Then he began to tell me the things he had observed sitting there…and I found my self getting pulled into this show in the laundry room. Yes, I pulled me up a stool, too, and together we sat there amazed at how this thing was cleaning with so little water! It turns one way and stops and then turns the other. He discovered that the timer that sets at the beginning of the load, does not just count down. It adds minutes sometimes, too. Why do you suppose it does this? Do you think it senses the clothes are not clean enough? And how does it know this? I suppose it must be like those electric blankets that ‘sense’ when you are warm enough and then turns itself down. That kind of thing just rattles my chain. I know when I am warm enough and I think I know when my clothes are clean enough. Or maybe I just always thought they were.

Oh, well, this is waaaaay more thought than I ever wanted to be giving laundry today. But, the point of this post is not what the new washer and dryer can do. It cleans and dries clothes…that is enough for me to know. But, this boy of mine…the one who is most like me…has my temperament…and my eye for the unusual. (Yes, there are some ‘not so great’ qualities he got from me, too…but, let’s just not think about that. M’K?) He took the time today to sit and marvel at the intricate working of a machine. Something about that fascinated him. Something about the workings of it intrigued him. And, I am proud as can be to say that he took the time to sit right there and marvel at it for a little while. Don’t we all get so caught up in our busy-ness that we have little time left for WONDER? Do we just let it all pass us by, and accept that it is something new…but, forget to marvel at the minds of men and women who continually reinvent the products we use?
Do we think we will seem ‘childish’ if we express that wonder?

Well, Adam, never, never, NEVER lose the sense of wonder! It will keep your mind alive…it will make your soul sing…and it will bring a smile to your face. Thanks for reminding me of that today.
EDITED TO ADD: My sweet DIL just told me that this washer ‘knows’ that the soap is not out of the clothes and that is why it adds more time. Maybe I am using too much detergent. Thanks, Suze!